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Easy Access Frame

The EasyAccess Frame is a novel device that functions as a cover for standard MRC3 96-well crystallization plates. This device allows access to each experiment, one at a time by its movable parts while minimizing evaporation of the other experiments on the same plate. Drops of typically used crystallization cocktails are protected for up to 6 h. The manipulation and the harvesting of crystals are straightforward, allowing significantly higher crystal throughput.

It fits the most used MRC3-lens 96-well low-profile crystallization plate.

Reference: Barthel et al., J. Appl. Cryst. (2021). 54, 376–382.  


Project Mount&Collect

The experimental environment for ultra-throughput crystallography.


We provide a method to skip the time-consuming process of crystal centering on ultra-high throughput beamlines. For example, collecting a full X-ray diffraction dataset is accomplished in the timeframe of a few to a dozen seconds on modern structural biology beamlines. However, the crystal centering process required to ensure the accurate positioning of your crystalline specimen in the brilliant X-ray beam during data collection takes more than triple the time of actual data recording. Here CGF Biotech provides a patented method termed Mount&Collect. Get in touch with us for further details. 


Sample Transport Chamber

Each experiment requires its own and specific sample environment. Samples produced in non-standard atmospheric conditions, e.g., in an oxygen-free atmosphere, can be encapsulated in this box, preserving the present conditions in which the sample was generated. 

Sample transfer from home labs to, e.g., synchrotron sites or free-electron lasers can be easily realized. 


Lab Equipment and Relocation

CGF is a lab equipment distributor and provides relocation services for academia and industry

With our partner, the number-one high-tech transport and lab logistics company, we offer all shades of support: From moving a few doors to new lab space to the all-in-one relocation package. 

Just get in contact, and we’d be happy to work on your personal situation and see how we can support you at maximal cost efficiency.  

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