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CGF Biotech researchers are in an endeavor to promote your science and elevate it to the next level.

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It has driven scientists at CGF Biotech from the beginning. The passion to take incredibly powerful synchrotron technology for protein crystallography and make it accessible, relevant, and ultimately personal.
At the end of the day, going forward.


Our growing number of innovative products will support and elevate your science - ultimately personal.


We support existing science cases at various stages and built a strong alliance with our partners. We are happy to assist you if you need new equipment - from a new scale or a microscope to moving your whole lab or your entire company.


We are in contact with academics and try to identify possible innovative ideas and embed these in our portfolio.

CGF Biotech is not just a company but a reliable partner in science and technology 

Partnerships for authentic experiences.

We take your ideas seriously and keep IP where it should be - with you.

„Working with CGF Biotech is a fruitful endeavor, which we enjoyed from the first contact onwards. Scientists take our ideas seriously, and it is concurrent supportive progress with all parties committing to the common goal.“

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More than 5000 crystals tell the story of CGF products

A wonderful serenity will take possession of entire scientific experiments.
The joy of a reliable scientific environment is our primary goal.

Latest Products and Support

Anaerobic chamber


The heavy-duty AnaerobicBox was designed and engineered using the highest quality materials. Aluminum, naturally solid and lightweight, is machined to the highest precision, free of defects. The transparent and durable acrylic glass allows inspection of the box’s interior. A customized inlet is designed to accommodate Hamilton-style injection syringes with, e.g., high-quality crystalline material. The box allows the transfer of samples encapsulated in non-standard aerobic conditions and preserves this unique environment during the transport from one place to another.

EasyAccess Frame


Inspired by a sliding puzzle, we believe this patented product is the most conscious evolution of the original founding design. 

A black dye is added to the material to ensure maximum saturation and absorb all scattered light, allowing the spectator an unrestricted view of their crystals. Combined with the shining modern material, we have given the incorporated acrylic glass tiles as a traditional material an entirely new expression.


*Barthel et al., J. Appl. Cryst. (2021). 54, 376–382.  

Individual Lab Equipment and Support


We know how it must feel to equip a new lab and gather all equipment.

With decades of experience, we know the market. Just contact us, and we will be glad to help you.

We can assist you with just a new piece of equipment to move your research lab or an entire company and are a distributor of Kern und Sohn products.

If some pieces of your lab equipment or even your entire lab need to be moved to a new place, talk to us!  

Proteinogenic colorants from various algae species


With more than a decade of experience growing different algae species, we deliver various ultra-pure non-toxic, colorant, proteinogenic products. These are crystal-pure and ready for multiple novel applications.
Cutting-edge technology allows us to provide you with the best solution for your particular requirement.

We deliver all steps from production to quality control and protein engineering. With our Go2Market choice, we assembled an option providing an all-in service for our customers‘ products to be market-ready. Talk to us if you want to accelerate your product to the market!

*Sarrou, Acta Cryst. (2021), D77, 224-236,


Use our experience for your science

We have 15 years experience in X-ray diffraction


Our scientists are driven by the passion for taking compelling synchrotron technology for protein crystallography and making it much better accessible, more relevant, and ultimately personal from the very beginning.

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CGF Biotech develops and distributes innovative tools and methods in crystallography

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We develop own innovative products and provide support in strong alliance with our partners


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