EasyAccess Frame

Researchers lead innovation for exploration of the future using the EasyAccess Frame.

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EasyAccess Frame

Each frame is assembled from more than 100 individual parts. 

It fits the most used MRC3-lens 96-well low-profile crystallization plate.

A black dye is added to the material to ensure maximum saturation and absorb all scattered light, allowing the spectator an unrestricted view of their crystals. The incorporated acrylic glass as a traditional material adds an entirely new expression combined with the shining modern material.

Each frame passed various quality controls and was individually performance tested. Finally, right before packing, it receives its glossy finish.

The Frame is made in Germany

The frame is safely shipped in its box with all parts individually organized. 

Reference publication: Barthel et al., J. Appl. Cryst. (2021). 54, 376–382.  


List price: 849 Euro net

Academic price: 379 Euro net


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